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We present a new, proved its effectiveness to solving problems of the nervous system, diseases with complex etiology, rehabilitation after injuries, heart attacks, and strokes approach. The Medeus Medical Center has made advanced medical technologies, which are based on biophysics and biochemical technologies available to the residents of Ukraine. Previously, quantum technologies and nano-physical methods were used only in elite clinics in Western countries and the United States, now we also have them.

The Medeus Medical Center approach Benefits

In contrast to the traditional approach in medicine, the proposed methods have an effect not on the symptom but correct the responsibility for the health mechanisms at the intracellular level. The equipment and techniques used in the center were developed by leading biophysicists, physicists, and doctors from all over the world. Its analogs are used in clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.
See for yourself the effectiveness of our solutions:

  • we analyze the work of all organ systems, taking into account the relationship between the systems;
  • it is possible to identify the factors causing pathologies at the level of DNA interconnections;
  • we have a wide range of hardware-based, non-invasive techniques, including nanotechnological solutions.

This practice aims at a wide range of health problem solutions, including diseases that are considered intractable. Our capabilities allow us to correct the situation at the level of physiological processes: by acting on the primary source of problems, our specialists normalize the processes that are incorrectly proceeding in the body, eliminating the causes of diseases and functional pathologies.

Which problems cal be solved by our center specialists 

The diagnostics at the center allow identifying not only auxiliary pathologies but also factors that can provoke the development of diseases in the future.

  • The method is popular in China, Korea, and Japan.
  • In a few minutes, you can examine 52 human organs and body systems.

In Ukrainian medicine practice, such opportunities are presented for the first time. Comprehensive identification of pathogenic factors allows treatment with maximum efficiency. All diagnostic procedures are painless and do not cause discomfort in patients.

Doctors of Medeus Medical Center prove in practice: effective treatment is to work with the root causes of the disease, and not just pay attention to symptoms. We strive to show the possibilities of a new approach in medicine.

Today our center is the only one in the territory of Ukraine, where treatment is available through quantum and nano-medical technologies. What science fiction writers write about is possible now.

Opportunities of hardware medicine at Medeus

How severe pathologies can the center specialists of cure? Here are some examples of the main treatments and results.

  1. Transcranial magnetic stimulation allows stimulating and normalizing the work of the body's neurotransmitter systems. The local effect of the electromagnetic field on the nerve endings and parts of the brain allows bringing a person to a satisfactory level of well-being in a short time. 3 minutes is enough for a person diagnosed with depression to feel better.
  2. Multi-wavelength radiation of biodynamic therapy with interference effects and field gradients, as well as specific high-frequency microcurrent therapy are methods that can help the body to get rid of the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses, fungal pathogens, and helminthic invasions. it is the pathogenic structure that is destroyed with the interaction, pathogens become nonviable.
  3. McMakin technology, based on the effect of interference (overlapping of two frequencies) of microcurrents, allows restoring the damaged tissue. The technique can stimulate the nerve fibers regeneration, remove adhesions and scars, and suppress the growth of tumors. Interference microcurrents are a way to eliminate toxic substances in the body and to start the processes of cell renewal.
  4. Rotating magnetic field technology  restores the natural distribution of  electrical potential to the body  tissues, normalizing the general condition of organs and systems.
  5. Photobiomodulation of the body
  6. The red and infrared spectrum of special long waves exposure (the effectiveness of which has been clinically proven) in combination with a superintense pulsed magnetic field increases the energy capabilities of cells by more than 500%. For this, a one-time 10-minute exposure is sufficient. As a result, all biochemical processes in the body are normalized.
  7. DNA testing, using the possibility for revealing and correction of detected pathologies.

Our work is based on the experience of the Portuguese scientist, a leading specialist in the integrative medicine field, Dr. Nuno Nina, and the German quantum physicist Markus Schmick, the TimeWaver technology creator.

Our priority areas are acute and chronic pathologies of the nervous system, assistance in rehabilitation after complex operations and injuries. We help to recover from severe, long-term illnesses, replenish the body's natural energy, and protective sources. With the help of our specialists, the recovery and rehabilitation process is reduced by several times.

  1. We use advanced medical technologies for complex effects at the cellular level.
  2. We quickly diagnose, carry out effective treatment, reducing the rehabilitation time even after long-standing, severe illnesses.
  3. We keep in touch with the world's leading experts in their fields.
  4. Our specialists have been trained abroad, making the most of the available technological potential.

Take the first step towards health, make an appointment with the center's specialists, and undergo an examination.

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Innovative technologies

Any virus, bacteria, fungus, helminth is destroyed when exposed to the mechanisms that we use in our work. Multi-wavelength radiation of biodynamic therapy with interference effects and field gradients, as well as specific high-frequency microcurrent therapy, are able to render any pathogen nonviable.

The effects of superimposing the dual-frequency microcurrents of McMakin technology are even more extensive. It can be used to heal damaged nerve fibers, reduce tumors, remove adhesions and scars, rejuvenate the body, and carry out detoxification.

Any organ can now be restored to a healthy state with the rotating magnetic field technology. This method works on a larger scale on the organs and systems of the body, returning them to the correct electrical potential and normalizing the function of each tissue, chronic diseases become curable, and acute ones disappear forever.

The energy potential of a cell is a property on which the rate of all biochemical reactions in the body depend

Photobiomodulation of the body increases it by 500% in just 10 minutes. Subsequently, regeneration is accelerated at times as well as metabolism. Treatment of injuries and chronic pain using superintense pulsed magnetic field technology heals fractures 3 times faster, ligaments 2 times faster, and pains of any nature disappear after just one session.

A person is healthy as much as each of his cells and its ability to communicate with other cells.

(Dr. Nuno Nina)

Work principles


Cardinal medical 
standards reorientation

and nanotechnology commitment

The introduction of nanotechnologies,
allowing not only diagnose, and cure but also prevent any disease.