Quantum Medicine

When discoveries are made prematurely, they are almost certainly ignored or met with formidable resistance, so in most cases, they might just as well not be made at all.

W. Beveridge

Numerous experiments indicate that the conclusions of the theory of probability cannot be applied to situations where a person is involved. The human factor has an inexplicable effect on experiments.

Probability theory is valid in inanimate nature. Many physical processes act unnaturally running in human presence. For example, Wolfgang Pauli, a theoretical physicist, fatally influenced the results of experiments. Sometimes the experiment was even postponed as the plugs burned out, equipment broke down.

Romy Shomer, a famous ethologist (the science of animal behavior), conducted an experiment with children. After planting them at the Geiger counter and a capsule with radioactive metal, he told them that "red balls" would fly out of the capsule, they must mentally prevent them. It turned out that a person can directly influence the decay processes.

Under hypnosis, it was suggested that the subject becomes an astronaut and weightlessness sets in. And the scales recorded weight loss! Mentally altered rates of chemical effects, intensity of a laser ray, etc. All this was documented and filmed. Official science does not notice this, because it is not able to explain this phenomenon.

Nevertheless, tit’s impossible to hide the facts.
For example, A. Solodilov, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, in his article "The psychophysical technology of the future will not do without a person" explain the practical experiments in detail, experiments in which the mind acts as a factor determining and controlling physical functions.

It was found that as a result of the mental impact of a human-operator, the physical and technical characteristics of physical instruments and technical devices can be significantly changed. Moreover, they acquire new functionality.

In the 80s, American physicist Robert Jan conducted a series of experiments on the psyche interaction with different random number generators. In experiments, it was found that the sequence of numbers was rearranged to be not random: the will of the human-operator introduced a certain order into it, or the sequence of operations was performed randomly, but the operator’s "foreseeing" the next number probability exceeded all expected possibilities.

R. Jan created the concept of quantum mechanical interaction of consciousness with physical systems. He defined this interaction by generalizing the way of atom interaction in the theory of covalent chemical bonds.

Information itself, as a concept, does not have independence, has no material embodiment. It cannot independently move, concentrate, or transform. It is a tool, an instrument of living systems for management and survival.

Despite the transmission, recording, and  processing of the data tools abundance, the oscillatory process which is called waves, remains optimal, universal, and most widespread in Nature. These are waves that appear as a universal and omnipresent carrier of information. They are capable of delivering it at various speeds - from several kilometers per second to 300 thousand km / s (the speed of light).

Using waves, it is possible to change the state of such a system as a person, acting at the genetic level. You can create such combinations of waves that will serve as a "trigger" for the processes in the body, aimed at recovery.

We should not confuse what we think is unbelievable and unnatural, with the absolutely impossible.


With the help of quantum medicine devices, it became possible to analyze the wave impulses that emit 52 human organs and compare them with wave radiation, which is standard for a healthy organ, using a technique that has been created over 15 years ago. As you already understood from the information above, with the help of such tools, organs and systems can also be brought into a healthy state thanks to wave vibrations that resonantly affect tissues.

All diseases that exist in the body leave their mark on the information field, after analyzing which, one can draw a conclusion about the health state. If we correct the deviation in the information field, then it also returns to normal by the reverse communication organ.

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