Should you be afraid of the coronavirus?

Coronavirus is just an ARVI virus. One of the representatives of the coronavirus family, which was previously represented in the general spectrum of human ARVI pathogens. This is not the plague, not smallpox, or even measles. It's not even the flu, which causes SARS and is more severe.

The virus broke out of one country. It was inevitable. By the way, there is no need to be afraid of the word "pandemic" - it means only cases of the disease have been identified in most countries of the world, but not that humanity is facing the threat of extinction. The main quarantine purpose is to reduce the burden on hospitals in case of massive outbreaks, to extend the spread of infection over time.

The SARS-CoV coronavirus is not going anywhere else from our lives. It will not disappear. It will not be destroyed by quarantines. There are no medications against it, as well as against viruses, medical recommendations are supportive therapy. Therefore, most of the world's population is doomed to get sick with this virus. And this is important because the best remedy for infectious diseases is collective immunity (the more people have been ill and acquired immunity, the fewer new cases of diseases will occur, and little by little the disease will recede into the background).

Healthy people, with good immunity, taking care of their health, most likely suffered an infection "on their feet", someone will get sick like with the good flu. In hospitals, according to indications (that means with a threat to life), absolutely few. Of these, a fraction of 1 percent has a chance of dying. Not worse than with flu, one of the most unpleasant and complications of which is also pneumonia.

From a biological point of view, if we look at humans as one of the animal species, the coronavirus should not be considered too dangerous at all. It kills people with weakened immune systems (like any infectious disease).

That is why quarantine measures are justified. If you take our humanity, which is not involved in sports, eats anything, is treated with antibiotics, etc., and having unhealthy immunity, many will be seriously ill. And this applies not only to coronavirus but also to any infection.

There is no need to be afraid to go outside, no need to be afraid to go to work if you really need to go there. In general, you do not need to be afraid to transfer this infection! If you have a good and healthy immune system. Have we never had the flu in our life, or have we never had a temperature?

And our immunity is designed so perfectly that it will cope with any infection, the main thing is that it should work like a clock, be tuned clearly and correctly!

And our task during a pandemic is to take care of it and strengthen it. For the diagnosis and normalization of immunity, we have collected all the innovative technologies! We are waiting for you in our center. And the coronavirus will not be terrible for you!

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