If aging is a disease, it can be cured. A future without aging

Humanity has defeated smallpox, tetanus, and other serious diseases. Is it possible to cure aging?

For centuries, man has always been worried about the questions:

  • Is aging a disease or a natural process?
  • What is the main cause of aging?
  • Is it possible to eliminate the cause of aging and live forever?

Aging theory. Why are lobsters more fortunate than humans?

The first signs of aging can be noticed at a young age when wrinkles and gray hairs begin to appear. Our body tissues wear out, but adult stem cells are constantly replacing and repairing them. With age, the self-repair process decreases because stem cells lose their function.

A unified theory of aging was proposed by Ron Dipinho, Ph.D. at Harvard University. He argues that telomeres, the endpoints of our DNA, are to blame. As you know, all living cells divide regularly and renew their structure. But the older the body gets, the more mutations (developmental disruptions) accumulate. Telomeres get shorter with each division. When their length reaches critical values, the division stops.

Short telomeres act on mitochondria, which become ineffective. In genetics, there is even such a term as "death cell spiral". The cell is programmed in such a way that when its telomeres are shortened, a special gene, P-53, is turned on. It removes the aged element. If this is not done, serious failures begin. If humanity could stop or at least slow down the contraction of telomere length, it would make it possible to live longer.

However, things are not so bad. In 2009, scientists discovered the telomeres phenomenon, which protects sections of DNA from premature wear. The discovery was so phenomenal that the scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize.

"What does the lobster have to do with it?" - you ask. It turns out that our body does not know how to preserve telomeres, their "supply" is limited. But lobsters can. Their body constantly produces telomerase, which renews DNA and ensures biological immortality. That means if you create ideal living conditions for a lobster (without diseases, predators, and the risk of being eaten), it has every chance to live forever.

Some living creatures do not age either. For example, a river pearl mussel dies because its leg collapses under the weight of the shell.

Let’s imagine that the idea that a person “dies of old age” is fundamentally wrong. Perhaps this is the most common myth of modern medicine. Death occurs as a result of a large number of failures in our cellular machines. However, you should not consider them as something inevitable and irreversible. The discoveries in the field of regenerative medicine have made great strides. The Quantum Technology Medical Center Medeus uses advanced anti-aging techniques to repair cells.

Scheme of action of sirtuin
The sirtuin gene is called the "longevity protein". It has a positive effect on mitochondria, improves human health. It is scientifically proven that fasting activates a gene and, as a result, slows down aging. Hence the great interest in the ketogenic diet, forcing the use of ketone bodies as a source of energy.

Resveratrol and pterostilbene can activate the longevity gene. The first one is obtained from red wine, but the second one has better bioavailability.

What molecule can you die without in 30 seconds?
In 2018, Time magazine published an article by D. Sinclair, director of the Center for Aging at Harvard Medical School. The doctor focused on the key role of NAD in the fight against aging. Here's an excerpt from this article:

“The source of youth is in front of our eyes - this is NAD +. This is one of the most important molecules - without it, we will die in 30 seconds. NAD + is directly involved in converting food into energy. At the cellular level, mitochondria act as accumulators. They store energy and then use it to recover in case of injury or severe stress."

It can be concluded that NAD + is a real life buoy for our cells. But how to increase its amount in the body? Some of the more readily available methods are the keto diet and NAD supplements.

How does the P-53 gene work?
Protein P-53 is the main transcription factor responsible for gene regulation. At the right time, he turns them on and off. P-53 inhibits senescent cells. Cellular aging is a condition in which cells lose their ability to divide but continue to exist. If you do not eliminate them in time, irreversible processes begin in the body. They lead to cancer, diabetes. In medical circles, P-53 is called a tumor suppressor gene.

Can we somehow help the P-53 gene to eliminate "terrorist cells"? Certainly. Special senolytic medicaments destroy aging elements. They not only postpone old age but also reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, arthritis.

AMPK is the main energy enzyme responsible for energy balance. Back in 2014, scientists proved that its regular activation prolongs human life. Patients with diabetes who received an AMPK activator along with the main treatment lived 15% longer.

How does an enzyme work? When AMPK is activated in the body, a series of processes starts:

  • Fats are broken down and energy is produced.
  • The removal of sugar from the blood is improved.
  • More mitochondria are produced.
  • The body is cleared of "cellular debris".

These and many other processes to slow down the aging process. Calorie restriction is one of the most effective ways to keep AMPK active. Chronic overeating is dangerous not only by gaining excess weight, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases. It deactivates the enzyme, shortening the lifespan.

But there is good news as well. It is in our power to restore the decreasing AMPK activity by adjusting the lifestyle, nutrition and connecting additional therapy. At the Medeus Medical Center there is an opportunity to undergo a course of frequency-microcurrent and biodynamic therapy. This is the world standard of quantum medicine, which is aimed at destroying pathological connections in the body and stabilizing the state.

The autophagy way
In considering aging and ways to bypass this process, we have couldn’t ignore autophagy. Imagine a factory that recycles industrial waste. This "enterprise" is in the body of every person. We already know that as we age, damage builds up in cells. They are often associated with decreased autophagy functionality. If the processing process functioned as expected, a person could live for 150-200 years or more.

Is it possible to somehow improve the efficiency of autophagy? It turns out, yes. The keto diet is a good way to achieve autophagy quickly and effectively. The diet restricts the intake of carbohydrates, but the fat content remains high. Intermittent fasting works flawlessly. When cells don't get the right amount of nutrients, they experience stress. The recycling rate of components is increased, and recycling processes are improved. Despite starvation, the body still functions normally but uses fewer resources.
Interval training is another way to stimulate autophagy. It should be intense, but short-lived. 20-30 minutes of intense training a day is enough to give a powerful boost to longevity.

Let's sum up
The article examined the main causes of aging and the processes that occur in the body as a result of changes in cells. As a result, a person becomes less adapted to environmental conditions, their cell division slows down, tissues, and entire structures experience atrophy. The possibility of autoimmune reactions that lead to the development of tumors from cancer cells increases.
Man has not learned to stop aging and remain young forever yet. However, it is in our power to slow down this process, make it comfortable and painless. The Center for Quantum Medicine Medeus uses advanced nanotechnology, which has no analogs in Ukraine. The AntiAge technology is aimed at restoring damaged cells and collagen levels, activating autophagy processes. Medical systems PEMF, photobiomodulation, and frequency-microcurrent therapy have a tremendous effect. Make an appointment to stay young at any age.

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