Massive fear of coronavirus

For a long time, we were intimidated by a terrible disease by all TV screens and press pages. Is the virus that dangerous and how are things in real?

Contrary to popular belief, the coronavirus is just another common cold virus, though slightly mutated. It does not pose such a threat to human life, as they keep telling us about it. Even the flu is much more dangerous, because it leads to SARS, and all people have already been ill with it a long time ago.

Fear has big eyes
The word "pandemic" causes wild horror, and the phrase "there is no cure for the coronavirus" completely paralyzes human minds. In fact, a pandemic means that cases of the disease have been found in most of the world's countries, not that humanity is on the verge of extinction. As for the magic pill, it does not exist, not only for the coronavirus but also for the flu or ARVI. Therapy for such diseases remains typical, auxiliary, and all hopes are for the person’s immune system. Therefore, it is vitally important to fulfill the norms that strengthen the immune system.

Quarantine is a remedy for all diseases
In fact, this is far from the truth. Not a single case of self-isolation has helped to finally overcome the epidemic. The main task of quarantine is to stop the spread of infection and reduce the burden on medical institutions. Of course, you shouldn't deliberately run into the crowd, but panic fear of going out is also not an option. The coronavirus is not going anywhere. Not a single quarantine will banish it. The only correct decision in this situation is to take what is happening for granted, stop panicking and try to raise your immunity.

How to save yourself
First, you need to understand that coronavirus, like any infection, is dangerous for people with weak immune systems. If those who regularly go in for sports, eat well, keep the daily routine, get sick, they will suffer the disease on their feet with minimal symptoms. Those who have recovered will develop resistance to this type of virus and cases of the disease will occur less frequently. Herd immunity is the best remedy for infections.
In order to endure the coronavirus and minimize the occurrence of complications, it is necessary to prepare the body for this fight. Use all measures that help to strengthen, increase immunity. It should work smoothly, without any breakdowns, then you will not be afraid of any virus.

Effective ways to strengthen immunity

All modern developments and new methods for normalizing the immune system are collected at the Medeus Medical Center:

  • Theralight 360. Photobiomodulation transports energy to cells, thereby relieving various inflammations, promoting tissue healing, triggering metabolic energy processes.
  • Local therapy with applicators. Effectively fights edema, removes toxins from the body, stimulates immunity.
  • Biodynamic radiotherapy. Destroys viruses, infections, copes with diseases at the DNA level.
  • Individual therapy. It stabilizes the immune system with the help of natural supplements.
  • Rotating magnetic field. Increases the level of redox reactions, changes the permeability of biological membranes.

We are waiting for you at the medical center. Help the body recharge and rejuvenate!

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