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Nanotherapy – what it is and what are its advantages

Nowadays, a person has more and more problems that prevent him from living a full life and feeling healthy. Chronic stress, environmental pollution, unhealthy diet - all these negatively affect the well-being of people. The immune system weakens, loses flexibility, and the ability to adapt to external changes. Also, its endurance and resistance to the harmful effects of external or internal factors violates, that causes various diseases.

Viruses, bacteria mutate every day, changing their DNA, and what is the most important, it becomes more and more difficult to cure this or that pathology.

In the 21st century, it became clear that classical methods of medicine will not cope with this essential task. They got outdated  a long time ago, not keeping pace with rapidly developing diseases. The old principles of treatment should be replaced by a new promising direction – quantum medicine.

Medicine of the future

Thousands of years ago, mankind appreciated the effectiveness of treatment with magnets, light, and frequencies. Their mechanism of action could not be explained, but the results they brought were overwhelming.

After the structure of elements and quantum effects was discovered, people realized that the human body, its system, and millions of functions are much more complex, and even more mysterious than classical medicine can explain.

The body has not yet been fully explored and is fraught with many amazing discoveries. However, the knowledge that humanity has received thanks to the medicine of the future has made it possible to look at the body structure from a completely new point of view. This pushed to further research on the human body, and also gave hope to cope with diseases that were considered incurable and fatal until now.

The main essence of the new technologies is to direct small doses of electromagnetic radiation (quanta) to the problem area of the body, to reveal the pathology, its cause, and therapeutic effect. Quantum can be used for the prevention of various diseases, as well as for the rehabilitation of patients. These are natural factors of electromagnetic influence that have a positive effect on all human organs, cells, and the body as a whole.

The active use of various diagnostic and treatment methods based on the medicine of the future began in the early 2000s.


Quantum diagnostics

There is a principle of dualism, which states that any object in nature can behave both as a particle and as a wave. The discovery of wave dualism led to the realization that all information in the Universe not only obeys the law of conservation of energy. It can be read by the methods of photon capture (a photon is a quantum of the electromagnetic field, which was mentioned earlier) and quantum tunneling. The latter term denotes an effect that ensures the unimpeded passage of quanta through obstacles or barriers, the height of which is much greater than the energy of the particles themselves.

Tunneling can be easily explained using the example of a billiard ball.

When it rolls on a flat surface and there is a hill in front, according to classical mechanics, the ball, if its energy is not enough, will never be able to climb the hill. However, from the point of view of tunneling, the particle still has the ability to roll over it. It would be wrong to talk about tunneling time. It is more correct to note that at some point the ball was next to the obstacle, and then found itself on the other side of it.

Thanks to this discovery, a completely new diagnostic technique was born in medicine, based on checking the body at the quantum level. It consists of the smallest particles: protons, electrons, and other microparticles. Modern equipment is able to influence the behavior of these particles, to capture them, thereby helping doctors to establish an accurate diagnosis and to apply non-invasive therapy in practice.

Our medical center MEDEUS offers to undergo an examination of 52 organs. The procedure is carried out using the TimeWaver Med diagnostic and therapeutic system, which has no analogs in Ukraine. It takes less than 15 minutes and guarantees a highly accurate result.

TimeWaver Frequency Therapy System

The health of a cell can be related to the electrical voltage of its membrane (the difference between the charges on the inside, outside). TimeWaver Frequency helps to restore the natural tension of the cell membrane by microcurrent therapy at different frequencies. Electromagnetic waves align the cell membrane. This contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microbes. Thus, microcurrent therapy evens out the membrane field, thereby curing various pathologies

Frequency-specific microcurrent therapy (FSM)

The frequencies used in machines are electromagnetic pulses coming out of two channels at once. Thanks to the rhythmic waves, they are delivered to the system, the work of which is carried out by the coordinated work of electromagnetic waves and the field. It is the combination of the two that has a therapeutic effect. The therapy was invented by Dr. Carolyn McMackin.



Millions of years ago, people already knew the healing power of magnets. They are applied to problem areas, which were caused, worn as an amulet, believed that they were to give eternal youth and longevity.

When humanity learned about quantum effects, it became clear that a vortex magnetic field is almost a complete analog of the Earth's field structure) can have a beneficial effect on human health. It acts on cell membranes, aligns them, normalizes pathological vortexes in cells.

The result of the research carried out amazed scientists. The presented treatment method proved to be very effective. Magnetics accelerated wound healing, helped broken bones heal 2 times faster, and also increased joint mobility and relieved muscle spasms. With the advent of new technology, the question of chemical or traumatic methods of treatment and rehabilitation has become irrelevant.

The method is based on the positive effect of magnetic fields on human organs and tissues. It is completely safe and has a wide range of uses.

With the help of magnetotherapy, you can defeat insomnia, psoriasis, cure ENT diseases, as well as gastric ulcer and mild or moderate rheumatoid arthritis.

Magnetotherapy perfectly fights against increased excitability, irritating, stabilizes intestinal motility, normalizes the formation and excretion of bile.

Our medical center has all the necessary equipment to help people with similar problems. After the first session, the symptoms of the disease and pain will decrease, and after a few procedures, complete remission will come. There are no analogs to these devices in our country. The principle of magnetotherapy at the MEDEUS center operation has unique solutions.


Light has long been used in the treatment of rickets, depression, fatigue, and weakness. And if before quantum medicine people used the whole spectrum of colors in therapy, then later the better benefits of near-infrared and visible light wave became known. Lasers and LED lamps are used as instruments for this procedure. Phototherapy makes it possible to cure almost 100% of any chronic, allergic, or autoimmune disease. Opening this technology has let many patients gain hope for a speedy recovery.

Biodynamic radiotherapy

A cell is the simplest particle of a living organism. It receives electromagnetic waves through its core. Cell vibration does not have long wavelengths; it is similar to the microscopic electrical circuits that make up the elements of the nucleus. A simple conclusion can be drawn from this: vibration is a vital process for any living organism.

When the immune system is activated, healing processes are triggered in the cells, which are responsible for regeneration. With the help of such therapy, you can manage to prevent the onset of a disease or cure an existing disease at the DNA level.

When a person is in an electromagnetic field, all cells are charged with powerful frequencies, thereby destroying pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Usually, only 5 sessions are enough for all dangerous microbes to be eliminated. The electromagnetic field evens out the frequencies of all organs, improving their functioning. From the very beginning, this method has been used to fight cancer, now it is used to strengthen the immune system. In Ukraine, modern technology is presented only in our medical center MEDEUS.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

The nanotherapy method is used to stimulate the brain and spinal cord, nerves. With the help of a special device-inductor, an electric current that forms a magnetic field around itself is formed. It is placed over the problem area and a magnetic stimulus is sent to it. Technology affects the excitability of the cerebral cortex, the production of joy hormones - dopamine, serotonin, endorphin. The magnetic field can penetrate very deeply, which can stimulate distant areas of the brain.

The MEDEUS Medical Center has modern equipment from Denmark, with the help of which you can cure depression, apathy, chronic headaches, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is used for neuroses, neuralgia, and impaired cognitive functions (attention, memory, speech, and others).

New challenges require modern solutions

Nanotherapy is the future. Thanks to the new knowledge, people got the possibility to look at the usual methods of treatment differently. A person began to be considered not only as a physical object, which is characterized by mechanical damage but also as a part of the Universe. According to this point of view, the causes of diseases can be hidden in the psychological experiences of an individual. The illnesses caused by these experiences can be easily influenced with the help of quantum medicine, which is able to solve problems long before they make themselves felt.

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