Public contract for the provision of medical services

COMMODITIES WITH INTERMEDIATE VIDPOVIDALNISTU "MEDICAL CENTER MEDEUS" (license for medical practice is issued by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 21.08.2020 No. 1949), in the person of the director of Bullet Anni Oleksiyivny, as well as on behalf of the parties. I turned to Vikonavtsya to reject medical services (nadal to change "Deputy") from the other side, at once named both "Parties", and skin okremo - "Side", sent the agreement about lowering.


1.1. According to the station. 633, 634, 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, a Contract є a public contract (a public offer), to revenge all the hundreds of people who are given medical services by the Vikonavts and who propose to an indispensable number of physicists to doctors.

1.2. Mind the Treaty will be established the same for all Employees, the least of them, to whom the legislation of Ukraine has given them permission in any case.

1.3. The Vikonavets does not have the right to consider the arrangement of the Agreement for the obviousness of the new ability (including technical, personnel, organizational costs) to nominate the Deputy Medical Service Officer.

1.4. Vikonavets pidtverzhu, so all the necessary permits for the health of the state's performance from medical practice, tied to the applicants for the Treaty, and not in the process of violation of the rights of the Deputy Delegate

1.5. The Vikonavets has been nominated for medical services at the issuance of a license for medical practice, issued by the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated August 21, 2020 No. 1949.

1.6. Change of permitted specialties of Vikonavtsa:
1.6.1. lіkarskі: organіzatsіya i upravlіnnya receptionists Health Protection, organіzatsіya i upravlіnnya receptionists Health Protection, terapіya, kardіologіya, dermatovenerologіya, onkologіya, ortopedіya i travmatologіya, hіrurgіya, endokrinologіya, Neurology, dієtologіya, zagalna practice - sіmeyna medicine, lіkuvalna fіzkultura, fіzichna that reabіlіtatsіyna medicine, dermatologist, functional diagnostics, physiotherapy.
1.6.2. specialties of young specialties with medical education: nursing on the right, lykuvalna on the right.

1.7. The agreement will be binding for the Viconavets at the time of its publication on the Vikonavtsya website.


2.1. Dogovіr vvazhaєtsya ukladenim without yogo away pіdpisannya of time usnogo abo pismovogo zvernennya Zamovnika for otrimannyam medichnih poslug chi vchinennya іnshih Act reasonably, peredbachenih Treaty, scho svіdchat about Zgoda dotrimuvatisya minds Treaty (pіdpisannya lіkuvannya plan іnformovanoї Zgoda on dіagnostiku that lіkuvannya, cob factuality koristuvannya Hotel, payment for rakhunka Vikonavtsya tosho), without a written note by the Parties.

2.2. Beat to Vikonavtsya for otrimannyam Servant, Zamovnik shamelessly that madly accepted the provisions of the Agreement.

2.3. The date of the first beast of the Zamovnyk to Vikonavtsya for the year Storin is the date of the agreement. The substitute will get involved in the Agreement at the time of the completion of the Agreement.

2.4. The Skin Party is the guarantor of the Third Party, that Volodya needs the necessary publication, and equally all the rights and newest rights, necessary and sufficient for the installation and presentation of the given Agreement, as clearly as possible to the mind.

2.5. When the Agreement is made, the Deputy will automatically wait for the insane acceptance of the provisions of the Agreement and all possible additions to the Agreement.

2.6. Before the ear of medical services, the Skin Deputy of the Healthcare Department is familiarized with the minds of the Agreement, the tariffs for Services, as well as the Rules for the Transfer and Service of the Office of the Deputy in the Medical Deposit of the Viconavts, the Victims of the Office of the People on the web site. ...

2.7. All declare the Agreement, victories in the Public Offer, є binding for Storin. Yaksho The deputy is not wise to the Agreement, it is not the right to arrange the Agreement.

2.8. The viconavets on the letter to the deputy of the deputy was given a letter of the form of the agreement.


In the whole Agreement of the lower definition of terms, the understanding and designation gets used to such meaning:

3.1. The medical service is a singular activity for the supremacy of the day, as a medical practitioner in the Medical Center of Vikonavtsya with the help of prophylaxis, diagnostics, elimination of or rehabilitation of illnesses, pathologies of an illness.

3.2. The deputy is the Patient, the legal representative of the Patient, or the person who put the Public Agreement in the interests of the Patient.

3.3. A patient is a physical person, including a person until she reaches out to her, I will accept medical assistance (prophylactic, diagnostics, medical) as Vikonavtsya on the minds of the deputy by the agreement, in accordance with the agreement. The patient can be a deputy to arrange the agreements independently at the time of reaching him in different civil processes, depending on the legislation of Ukraine.

3.4. Medical center (dal - Zaklad) - the pawn of health protection, vykonavets and roztasovaniyas at the address: 01103, m. Kiev, vul. Commodity, bud. 1, letter "N", attributed to 1-a.

3.5. The website of Vikonavtsya is a web site in the Internet at the address, as an official dzherel informing about Vikonavtsya and the services they are hoping for.

3.6. Likuyuchiy lykar - Vikonavtsya's lykar, who nadaє medical servants to the Deputy in the Mortgage.

3.7. lіkuvannya plan - obrany lіkarem for skin Zamovnika okremo i pogodzheny of Zamovnikom complex profіlaktichnih, lіkuvalnih, dіagnostichnih, reabіlіtatsіynih zahodіv, medichnih manіpulyatsіy toscho, neobhіdny for dosyagnennya Positive rezultatіv lіkuvannya zahvoryuvannya Zamovnika, іz zaznachennyam etapіv lіkuvannya, perelіku medichnih vtruchan, orієntovanih strokіv lіkuvannya that orієntovanoї lіkuvannya varosti in prices, scho dіyut for the day, according to the plan of lіkuvannya.

3.8. The graph of vidvidvan is a graph of signs of medical services, in which case there is a change of services, the calendar date is that exact hour, if the Deputy is guilty of appearing before the Mortgage for rejecting such services, which will remain the Deputy and will be accepted for the victor.

3.9. The year is informed - the year of the Deputy for the medical involvement, which can be drawn up in the letter viglyadі, by way of writing the okremoї hardened by the Vikonavets to form a general formulation in the medical documentation (medical) card.

3.10. Rules - Rules for the transfer and servicing of the Zamovnikov in the Mortgage, approved by the Viconavet and the binding until the vikonannya Zamovnik, with the Deputy Deputy of the zobovyaznyi shall be familiarized before the agreement is put into place.


4.1. The viconavtsy zobov'to follow the instructions and weather of the deputy to the rest (whose individuals, in the interests of which there is a contract), one or the decal of paid medical services from the transition of medical servants from the viconavts, who were recruited in good health for the revival of the standard Servants), and the deputy of the goiter will take over and pay for the Servants on the minds, by virtue of the Treaty.

4.2. Obsyagy, kind, partiality of that line is given. The service will start from the health of the Zamovnik, the medical indications, the bazhan of the Deputy and the technical abilities of the Vikonavts.

4.3. At the time of the initial examination of the Deputy, the candidate will establish an early diagnosis, the methods and the possible options for the treatment, the inheritance of the test and the transfer of the results, the replacement of the medicine and the report

4.4. Following the results of the first look around the warehouse, I will look at the plan of the warehouse, which is the basis for the use of the parties by the Parties. Necessary mindfulness to the Agreement during the year of the Deputy, because of the proponated Plan of Likuvannya, to be confirmed by the signature of the Deputy, or by way of the factual satisfaction of the Deputy in the Plan of Likuvannya of the services.

4.5. In addition to the Contract of the Parties, there can be a decal of the Plan of Likuvannya (in this case, the additional Plan of Likuvannya will be updated to the previous Plan of Likuvannya) or change the Plan of Likuvannya.

4.6. The deputy will wait a while, if necessary, to carry out additional information or to review a consultation with a professional medical specialist, which is at the Vikonavtsi's office, if you need to go through such a provision for a consultation in the lines that are set by the Vikonavka.


5.1. The servants are nadayutsya in the medical mortgage of the Viconavtsa according to the Rules, from the certificates of the certified possession that are allowed to the victorian of the medical viruses and materials.

5.2. Likuyuchiy lіkar is recognized as Viconavets for the weather iz Zamovnik.

5.3. Nadannya Hotel zdіysnyuєtsya vіdpovіdno to Іnformovanoї dobrovіlnoї Zgoda Zamovnika to conduct dіagnostiki, lіkuvannya, operatsії that znebolennya, yak oformlyuєtsya in vstanovlenіy zakonodavstvom Ukraine formі that Mauger dodatkovo oformlyuvatisya in formі, viznachenіy Vikonavtsem before nadannyam pershoї Hotel that before nadannyam іnshih Hotel, perelіk yakih viznachaєtsya Vikonavtsem ... The parties waited a while until they signed the information for the necessary mind for the ear of the Servant.

5.4. The servants are nadayutsya for the next entry, as if to go to the phone, or in case of a special brutality of the Zamovnik. Nadannya Poslug without pre-recording can be carried out on a weekly basis at any time, in front of the front, I shall write down for an entire hour of the first time. Date that hour of dermal service. Servants for the weather. Viconavets and Deputy in usnіy abo letters (by way of writing a graphic to vіdvіduvan) forms.

5.5. The date that hour is given to the skin Servants can be changed from the Zamovnyk's initiative until the present line is given to such Servants.

5.6. At the time of the registration, the deputy of the crop'yazyaty zdalegid go ahead of the administrator of the Mortgage. At the time of the memory, he called for the return of the graph to the reception, with the Deputy of the office the last hour to visit.

5.7. The date of the hour of the skin service can be changed from the Vikonavtsya initiative at the time:
5.7.1. Yakshcho stan of the health of the Deputy in front of the ear of the good Servants I do not give up, for the significant rite of the zbіlshu riziki viniknennya accelerated, pollute the life with the health of the Deputy, those who are of the most severe negative emotions.
5.7.2. Winning of the surroundings of the unrelenting force, as it is impossible for the Servant of the Viconavets to be denied.

5.8. The viconavets does not have the right to tell the third persons information about the deputy’s ailment, medical care, looking at the results, as it became due to the names of the applicants to the Treaty, except in the case of Ukrainian legislation.


6.1. The Service of the Service, which is based on the agreement, must be signed up to the date of the payment and the tariffs for the Service approved by the Vikonavets. Tariffs for the Services may be legal force please about the price.

6.2. Priority Partiality The service is designated in the Plan of Treatment that does not include the option for detecting pathologies that may occur in the process of detecting.

6.3. The prices indicated in the Plan of the Policy, by drawing out a line, indicated in the Plan of the Policy. Writing a line of services The service is available from other people at the time of delivery.

6.4. The Deputy will pay for the Services in one of the lower-leading ways for the Deputy of the Deputy:
6.4.1. payment received at Vikonavtsia's cash desk;
6.4.2. payment for an additional payment card from the payment card extension to Vikonavtsa bank;
6.4.3. payment of Vikonavtsya rakhunkiv for a free rosary.

6.5. Servants are paid by the Deputy on the day of the service. Servants - until the service. Servants, for no matter how much they are given, in the range of different parts of the service.

6.6. The deputy has the right to receive payment in advance of the payment of the Servants assigned by the Plan of treatment. Service of the Service, rallied by the Deputy as the payment in advance, cannot be looked at by the Viconavet at the time of the change in tariffs for the Service, and it will be set according to the tariffs that are in effect on the day of payment.

6.7. On the outskirts of the Service, when transferring the front vitrati to Vikonavtsya (individually replacing the substitute for third persons only), the Deputy is obliged to make an overpayment for the size of up to 70% of such costs. The sum of overpayment of that lines її introduced is indicated in the Plan of the policy and / or in the rakhunka, which is too late for the Zamovnik.

6.8. Servants for a bezgovkova rozrahunk nadayutsya only for a mind 100% in advance payment.

6.9. As soon as the sum of all warehouse funds is paid for in advance payment. The service has been paid by the deputy in advance, then the deputy is guilty of repaying the money before the end of the day the service is finished.

6.10. At the vipadk of the decision of the distribution in the direction of the increase in the organization of the service. In such a vipadk, the Deputy is obliged to register the Act of the Servants with the Translation of the Servants and the Assigned Servants for the Servants.

6.11. In case of the lack of the Deputy of the Penny Cossacks for the payment of the otrimannyh Servants the Zaborgovanst of the Deputy in front of the Vikonavets can be formalized with a supplementary payment for the payment of the Servants.

6.12. Likuvannya for insurance rely on the Viconavts' prior arrangement of the agreement with the insurance company and approval of the insurance company for the services of the Viconavts.

6.13. The deputy may need a discount on the parity of the Service, the size of which should be set in the order established by the Viconavets.

6.14. As soon as in the process of giving the Servant of the demand in їkh coriguvanny (given additional services or changes to the Plan of Lіkuvannya), then according to the coriguvannuyu will be given and the remaining part of the Service for the Contract. Such changes of the Party will be used until the moment of giving additional or additional changes to the Servants. The deputy has the right to see the coriguvannya. Servants and prodovzhuvati otrimuvati. Yakshcho taka vidmova hate to continue to give the Servant for medical shows, the Vikonavets has the right to unilaterally pin the contract on the one hand, and the Deputy of the Zobov'yazaniy pay the parity of the actually rendered Servants. Yakshho the Deputy will not hold back against any changes, or to update the Plan of Likuvannya, then the Servant will continue to progress until new minds and with the signature of a new, or even complementary, Plan of Likuvannya.

6.15. In the case of ill-will, the Servant (part of the Servitor) through the non-declaration of the Deputy at the reception to the doctor, or for the first medical procedure, see the Deputy of the false repudiation. Virahuvannyam actually got a vitrat and vitrat z prepared (substituted) for the Deputy of Political Constructions for three working days at the moment of the Deputy’s operation due to a separate application.

6.16. The substitute does not have the right to consider the payment of the later, that actually gave the Poslug.

6.17. In successive cases, if the part given to the Deputy Assistant is not directly assigned by the Service Plan, including the Service provided in the Service Plan, which is not generally given, the part of such Service (part of the Service) will be included in the tariff plan.

6.18. Significant partiality of the Servant for the entire Contract shall be established by the total partiality of all the servants given to the Deputy Servitor.

6.19. Please be mindful of the distribution of the payment. The service does not expand on the benefits of the provision of medical services, which are paid by the insurers in advance of the voluntary medical insurance contracts or by some third persons. Be-like medical servants for the whole Agreement can be united by a third person on the basis of the agreement and by a third person and Viconavets.


7.1. Acceptance-transfer of necessary Servants to stay in the form of a service in the form of one of the Storin with a path issued by the Act of Servants (Dal - Act), which is stored by the Viconave in two patrons that will be sent to the Deputy for signing.

7.2. The deputy of the zobov'yazaniyam pіdpisati grievance primіrnik The act or nadati letter is motivated by vіdmovu from yogo pіdpisannya.

7.3. In case the Deputy has not given a letter, he is motivated by the signature of the Servant's Act to be immersed in the proper rank given by the Viconavets and the proper rank adopted by the Deputy.

7.4. For the obviousness of the written motivated vidmov and from the signed Act, the Vikonavets, over a span of 10 (ten) calendar days, will look at the same vidmovu and in the letters of the Deputy about the results of the look.

7.5. Yaksho the Deputy has been given a decilka Poslug, Vikonavets has the right to put together one Act, in which it means the entire transformation of the Servant.


8.1. The deputy has the right:
8.1.1. Come to the Treaty on the minds of the Viconave proponated.
8.1.2. Until the moment of replacement of the Servant, I will revise the information about the medical services, as they will be the Viconavets.
8.1.3. Uzgoditi z Vikonavets was ordered by the party.
8.1.4. Otrimate the Servants of good quality.
8.1.5. Otrimuvatsya reliable information about the camp of your health, in addition, be aware of all medical documents, so that your health will be found, as it is taken from the Vikonavtsya.
8.1.6. Make sure to provide reliable information about the prototype, the possibility of accelerated transport (including for life and health), the forecast of a possible development of ill health when the Service is provided.
8.1.7. Vibrate the method of treatment according to the recommendations of the drug addict, as well as the number of options in the plan of treatment, in advance, having become aware of the results of the treatment, diagnosis, methods of treatment by them, by means of treatment
8.1.8. Vimagati replaces the eligible drug user (due to the obviousness of the Vikonavtsya of the first licenses of the leading qualifications).
8.1.9. In case of changes in the process of checking the Plan of taking into account the forefront of the organization's duties, the Servant Deputy is entitled to his / her vibration:
(a) wait a bit with the new / additional Plan of treatment and participation;
(b) we are aware of the proponated changes and the promotion of the practice on the previous minds;
(c) Rosіrvati Contract to carry out rozrahunki for the actual delivery of the Service.
8.1.10. To the room about the camp of one's own health, the fact of the brutalization for medical aid, diagnosis, and also about the kind of observance gained during this medical condition.
8.1.11. Turn up to Vikonavtsya with propositions, claims, and seeks to just give the Servants.
8.1.12. Consider the rejection of the Service (part of the Service) at any moment of the Treaty, having paid all the actual nominations at the time of the Service.

8.2. Vikonavets maє right:
8.2.1. Make changes to the whole Agreement, as well as to the change of the Service, change the price of the skin Service.
8.2.2. Carry out promotions, give discounts and donations to the Poslugi.
8.2.3. Limit the payment for the delivery of the Service in the order provided by the CIM Contract.
8.2.4. To review personal data and information about the Deputy, as before the legislation of Ukraine about the protection of personal donations.
8.2.5. If necessary, for the foregoing weather with the Deputy, make changes to the Plan of treatment.
8.2.6. Independently to initiate and sign the medical workers, as they press the Servants to the Deputy.
8.2.7. In the case of unavailable stations, unsettled situations, and a quicker hour of medical work, it is necessary to independently start a discussion of all the necessary and possible visits from these usunities.
8.2.8. Give an incomplete information about the health of the Deputy, take care of the possibility of knowing about the medical documents in case of information about the health of the Deputy, you can destroy the health of the Deputy, or protect the process of treatment.
8.2.9. Zdijsnyuvati audio recording of telephone calls from Zamovnik.
8.2.10. Maintain a photo and / or video fixing the process of making it possible. The service is in the general vicaristovati the results of such fixation in advertising, marketing, primary and general purposes, not to overstep the legislation of Ukraine.
8.2.11. Transfer a visit to the list of non-communicated visibility of the driver, for the possibility of nominating another license for carrying out the treatment for the zgoda of Zamovnyk.
8.2.12. In the case of the Zamovnik's record in the one-sided order of changing the lines of the Servant, or seeing the delivery of such Servants.
8.2.13. Skerovuvati Zamovnyk to the other professional medical specialties, including the one to protect the health, with the help of clarification of the diagnosis and the choice of the optimal plan of treatment.
8.2.14. Do not fix (or prisupiniti) nadannya Servant at vipadkah:
(a) Vidmov and the Deputy of the registered information for years, memorizing the anamnesis (health questionnaire);
(b) in the event of a foreign trade with the Deputy for payment of the Services (until the moment of redemption of such a foreign trade);
(c) finding out at the Deputy for an hour of getting sick (pathology), taking care of something that is ill-advised in Mortgages through licenses, quality of medical personnel, or technical equipment, or when the Deputy Pathologist is informed,
(d) transferring the Deputy to the camp of alcoholic or narcotic drug abuse, or in the other sickly camp, when transferring the Yakisnyh Servants;
(e) non-attribute of the Assistant at the established date and hour for rejection of all Servants.
8.2.15. Vidmoviti at any moment in the presence of the Servant (for witness, this vidmov will not clutter up the life of the Zamovnik) in the offensive vipad:
(a) the Assignee has given innocent and / or inaccurate tributes about his person and / about his health;
(b) the manifestation of medical evidence prior to treatment by methods such as those indicated by the Parties;
(c) ask the Deputy to go through the necessary procedures for carrying out a falsified treatment;
(d) at the time of the deputy head at the Victory Day of the Lykarsky Diseases of the Stashed Methods of Diagnostics and Likuvannya, which are not allowed to be stuck in the territory of Ukraine;
(e) that the Deputy of the Institution of the Likuyuch Likar has not been attributed to any graph of Likuvannya;
(f) violation by the Deputy of the Rules for the transfer and servicing of the Zamovnikiv in the Mortgage.


9.1. The deputy of goiters:
9.1.1. Before storing the Agreement, read the Vikonavtsa tariffs, the Rules.
9.1.2. Arrive in an hour before the Pledge on the date of that hour of the day. The Servant.
9.1.3. It’s inevitably povidomlyaty Mortgage about the objectivity of the unwillingness to appear at the reception of the chi for the procedure.
9.1.4. For an hour I spent on the territory
9.1.5. Till the first time Servants will tell the likewise likar the whole turn of the likars' problems, which are stagnated by the Deputy, as well as about all kinds of ailments, wadis, allergic and specific reactions of the day on the health products.
9.1.6. Accurately and promptly check the letters of the attribution and recommendation of the clerk who received the treatment plan, often appear on the basis of additional information, control and preventive care.
9.1.7. We have made copies of the original documents, so that information about the country of our health can be revealed, which is necessary for the Mortgage for the delivery of the Service.
9.1.8. As a rule of thumb, about the loss of self-esteem, or the loss of self-esteem, there will be any signs of symptoms and information about the change of my health by holding out a line of love.
9.1.9. Accept the Servants of the proper quality and the description of the Act.
9.1.10. Pay for the service of the Service in order and on the minds of the contract.
9.1.11. Split the partnership of the unmarried pre-dodat Servants, like the bulo given by the Vikonavets for the unification of negative inheritances for the life or the health of the Zamovnik.
9.1.12. Pidpisuvati are informed about the diagnosis, treatment and sickness, the Vikonavtsia's questionnaire.
9.1.13. After taking into account the rules of exploitation of the installed economic constructions, in case of breakdowns (not for all the reasons), the verdict is accelerated - for lines up to 24 years old, and for the opportunity - it is inappropriate to contribute to the Vikonavtsya's price.

9.2. Vicone of the goiters:
9.2.1. Conduct an hour of first inspection of the Deputy Deputy in order to establish an advance diagnosis, swear off the necessary treatment, and inform the Deputy about the results.
9.2.2. If there is a need for additional methods, a thoroughness should be carried out with the method of establishing a residual diagnosis, and if there are any opportunities for the whole - to inform a Deputy and a fundraiser for passing the condition before the last mortgage of special protection of a professional health care professional.
9.2.3. Nadati Servants of good quality, according to the set residual diagnosis, Plan of treatment and development of the parties, used by the Parties.
9.2.4. Take care of the Zamovnikov's all the necessary Servants, transferred by the Agreement and the Uzgodzheniye Plan of Likuvannya.
9.2.5. Create a good and safe mind and transfer the Deputy to the Mortgage.
9.2.6. To ensure the best painless and rational methods of treatment, according to medical indications.
9.2.7. Inform the Zamovnik about the furnishings, you can win and bring the service to the end.
9.2.8. In case of changes in the process of dealing with the use of the Deputy Chairman, an additional emergency Plan for the treatment of the same order.
9.2.9. Nadati to the Deputy of the Likarskii recognition and recommendation of the letter to the Poslugi.
9.2.10. On vimogu Zamovnyk press information about the mode of the robot Vikonavtsya, clear the order of the Poslug.
9.2.11. Pislya of the end of the decision to nadati to the deputy of the Deputy of the Deputy for the medical picture, copies of the results of the situation, proofs, digital information for the housekeeping too.
9.2.12. Following the absolute confidentiality of information about the health, the results of the medical situation and about the Zamovnik.
9.2.13. Vikoristovuvati lykarski zasobi that medical virobi, allowed for vicarious in Ukraine.
9.2.14. Maintain and collect medical documentation and reliability as per the legislation of Ukraine.


10.1. Servants are nadayutsya by medical advisors The pledges, as may need special education and advice to one qualified vimogues, prior to the legislation of Ukraine. Singing vidi The servant can be nagged by the wonderful medical specialists of Vikonavtsya.

10.2. The services are nadayutsya up to the Haluzev standards in the sphere of health protection and / or protocols of medical assistance, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

10.3. Yak_st nadanikh Servants are guilty of admitting to the vimogas of Ukrainian legislation.

10.4. Servants who are guilty will be safe for Zamovnik's health.

10.5. Control over the quality of medical assistance is provided in the cases, in the order that is in the lines, which is transferred by the legislation of Ukraine.


11.1. On a vikonannya to the Law of Ukraine "On the seizure of personal tributes" Vikonavets povidomlya Zamovnyk about the release of the revision of his personal tributes for the hour of vikonannya given to the Agreement.

11.2. Volodya's personal tribute є Vikonavets.

11.3. Personal data are taken to protect health, the establishment of a medical diagnosis, for the maintenance of medical services (clause 6, part 2, article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "About the acquisition of personal donations").

11.4. Warehouse that wins personal tributes, which are processed by Vikonavets:
11.4.1. zagalnі danі (including, ala not vyklyuchno: prіzvische, іm'ya, according to Batkov, become, date of that moment of the people, addresses of the restoration and the place of residence, family camp, add a call);
11.4.2. special tribute, well, I will become healthy individuals (including, albeit not vicious: the fact of atrocities for medical aid, medical information about a person, well to take revenge on the health status, but about the health history come in, prognosis of a youthful development of sickness, the appearance of risk for life and health, views about the manifestation of a group of invalidity, genetic data too).

11.5. Personal data of the employees are taken from the form of card indexes and / or local electronic databases of data.

11.6. The viconavets of craws will take care of the confidentiality and the protection of the personal tributes of the Deputy for the hour of the crawl.

11.7. Victims can transfer personal data from Zamovniks to the Department of Health Protection in the Ministry of Health of the Kyiv City Council, to the Kyiv City State Administration, to the prosecutor's office, to the law enforcement agencies of the Kyiv City Council, realizing their own more important ones.

11.8. Lawyers may have the right to have access to personal tributes if they are quiet Zamovniks, who are ’clients, who don’t have the right to receive such a transfer from our clients. The Іnshim persons are personalized to be deprived of any legal representative (father, opikun or pikluvalnik). For scientific and statistical purposes, non-isolated personal data can be transmitted, but it is not allowed to identify a person.

11.9. The deputy once a year on the Victory Day, the Viconavets gave him contact tributes with the notice of the Deputy Deputy, who received the call from the Deputy Director; for the purpose of providing a medical, informational and / or advertising nature; oversight, the text of which can be avenge personal and confidential information about the Deputy. For the written application of the Deputy Contact Person for the remainder, the list of addressees is included in the list of recipients for information and advertising.


12.1. Confidentially behind the entire Agreement, there is information about the fact that the Deputy is responsible for medical assistance, the establishment of diagnoses, the transfer of services, as well as information about the information provided before the official access to the legislation and confidential

12.2. The Vikonavets take care of the crop for itself, so that the confidentiality of information is taken care of, and that the given Treaty is announced for an hour.

12.3. The viconavets declare, that the crops are bound for confidentiality, transferred with the cuts, may be of a non-string nature and save their dignity by writing the end of the line of the agreement.


13.1. For failure to declare or unreliable vikonannya of their goiters, the Parties are responsible for the acceptance of the existing legislation of Ukraine and the Treaty.

13.2. The deputy is responsible for the reliability of the information given about his health, the testimony of the doctor's recommendations, the timely payment of the Service.

13.3. The viconavets gave a message for the quality of the nominated Servants.

13.4. At the time of payment of the required payment, the Postmaster Vikonavets has the right to pay a fee from the Deputy in charge of the payment at the rate of the subordinate regional rate of the National Bank of Ukraine, from the sum of the actual foreign trade for a leather day, and for thirty days the penalty is due for 30 days. foreign trade.

13.5. Not an indicator of unreliable quality given by the Viconavets. Servants:
13.5.1. acceleration and failure of certain outcomes in the hands of, due to some biological peculiarities, the body of the Deputy is aware of the fact that such knowledge and technology cannot be caused by the possibility of failure to include
13.5.2. Poor discomfort due to the specificity of medical techniques and the familiar reaction of the body to the physical, chemical injection of the drug, as it passes through a clever line about how the Deputy has been in advance of the noticeable;
13.5.3. Hastened, so there has come a moment of nadannya Servant at a vipadku of rude nedotrimannya (destructive) Deputy of recommendations, given by a likuyuch lykar.

13.6. The viconave is recognized as a result of the result of the work.
13.6.1. non-acceptance by the Deputy Head of the recognition and recommendation of the eligible drug user, the Treatment Plan;
13.6.2. non-appearance of the deputy's unfortunate appearance at the scheduled medical check-ups;
13.6.3. vidmovi the Deputy on the continuation of the decision and / or the completion of the agreement;
13.6.4. not being informed, not being seen by the Deputy of the Sutta Information about the state of his health (anamnesis);
13.6.5. rejection of medical aid in the first mortgages to protect health, or in other medical specialties;
13.6.6. an unfortunate occasion by the Deputy of the Likar about the acceleration of the agreement;
13.6.7. vicarious vicissitudes of medicinal females of unreliable quality, for those who are not recognized by Vikonavtsa's physicians;
13.6.8. diagnosis of allergies, for non-acceptance of medicinal preparations, or materials that are allowed to be secured;
13.6.9. the development of illnesses and pathologies, which are not linked to the services provided for the cim Treaty.
13.6.10. Correction of robots carried out by the Vikonavets, by third persons without the employment of the Vikonavets.

13.7. The deputy of the notions about those that medicine is not exactly a science, because the diagnosis and treatment cannot guarantee the rejection of the exact and positive effect. Zamovnik usvіdomlyuє scho into force obmezhenostі mozhlivostey suchasnoї medicine skladnostі dіagnostiki that lіkuvannya okremih zahvoryuvan, іndivіdualnostі that unіkalnostі organіzmu skin Zamovnika zaproponovanі Vikonavtsem Hotel mozhut not bring ochіkuvanogo result abo navіt sprichiniti pogіrshennya Zdorov'ya Zamovnika, viniknennya atipovih reaktsіy that uskladnen, SSMSC not vrahovanі in Haluzev medical standards (protocols) that are not described in special literature.


14.1. The victorious, due to the failure of the agreement, because of the failure to acknowledge the reason for the failure of the agreement, due to the failure of the failure to overcome the force, since they didn’t come to the conclusion of the emergency, the failure of the , huge zaorushennya, strike, terrorist actions, and such actions, anti-terrorist operations, fires, blinking hits, vibrations, power supply, interruptions in the supply of natural gas, or lack of drinking water, and

14.2. The deputy is responsible for failing to acknowledge any disaster, because it’s unreliable because of the failure of the Treaty, because it’s not overruled, because it’s not clear for the time being, because of the failure of the Agreement. , huge zaorushennya, strike, terrorist actions, anti-terrorist operations, pozhezhi, hit bliskavki, vibuhi).

14.3. The party that cannot see the goiters due to the time of the agreement of the unavoidable force is guilty for the opportunity, it has not been guilty for less than 3 (three) calendar days at the time of the determination of such circumstances.


15.1. At the end of the day, the parties to the goiters must agree to negotiate and consult with each other.

15.2. In case of failure by the Parties, the dispute (dispute) is subject to the court order in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.


16.1. Any changes to the Agreement shall be made by the Vikonavtsa unilaterally and posted on the Vikonavtsya's website on paper noses in the Vikonavtsya's Mortgage - at the reception that / abo in Kutochka (paptsi) of the resident. In the development of differences between the minds of the Agreement, posted on the website of the Vikonavtsya on paper noses in the Zakladi Vikonavtsya, the priority is on paper noses.

16.2. In the case of changes made to the whole Agreement (including in the case of changes in prices for Services) in the attached Mortgage. Ogoloshennya about the introduction of new prices is also guilty of being discounted in the Mortgage for 2 months per ear of the introduction.

16.3. At the time of the misfortune of the Deputy, due to changes introduced to the Agreement, such a Deputy of the Crops of Razirvati Agree at the latest lines at the moment, if he knows about the changes. Continue koristuvannya By the servants to inform about the year of the Deputy with the changes introduced to the Agreement.


17.1. Tsei Agreement of recruiting from the date of the arrangement and without a string, until the date of being fixed in the order established by the Agreement.

17.2. All the lines are given by the Servant by extending to the Plan of Likuvannya є approximate that you can change in the fallowness towards the health of the Deputy and the other active or sub-active furnishings.

17.3. Diya tsyogo Contract to adhere in the offensive vipad:
17.3.1. For mutual benefit Storin, incl. by way of the arrangement of Dodatkovo please about the attachment to the Treaty.
17.3.2. For the initiative of the Deputy by the nobility, submit a letter to Vikonavtsy not less than 10 days before the date of approval of the Agreement. Agree to vvazhaєtsya rozіrvanim for the date, as indicated in the application.
17.3.3. For the initiative of the Vikonavtsya in case of failure by the Deputy of Minds to the Agreement and (abo) the Rules, for the understanding of all the necessary actions, so that the health of the Deputy will become a healthier in case of such a problem. The viconavets letter in the form of the Deputy about the reasons for the revision of the Agreement on the date of the Agreement in question. For a call from the Deputy, the information about the approval of the Agreement will be supervised by a sheet behind the address, as specified in the Agreement. Contract for a date, which is designated in the occasion of Vikonavtsya.

17.4. The parties carelessly wait for the requisites of the Deputy in vvazit information, assigned by him when saving the current questionnaires of the Vikonavts, as revealing the personal data of the Deputy, or the drawn up Plan of treatment of that medical picture.

17.5. The deputy of the mind and the weather will be with the team, so all the information, like the distribution on the Internet resources of the Vikonavtsya, is deprived of the informational-recommendation character, but it cannot be interpreted as the medical information, and how to provide information

17.6. The rules for transferring and servicing Assignments in Pledges and various tariffs for medical services are approved by the Viconave and posted on the website, as well as in Kutochka (papts) you can live in Pledges and hopes to learn about the first time.

17.7. On all documents that are tied to the pledges and to the terms of the Agreement, which are given the signature by the Deputy, the order with the signature, the Deputy, by the name of the master, signifies his nickname and іnіtsіali.