Rules of stay and patients care at the Medical center of LLC MEDICAL CENTER MEDEUS

1. General provisions


  1. This local normative act regulates the rules of the Medical Center of MEDEUS MEDICAL CENTER LLC (hereinafter - the Center)  internal procedure, the procedure for Patients' stay in the Center, the peculiarities of Patient care, the procedure for providing and paying for medical services, etc.
  2. The Center provides medical services to citizens of Ukraine, citizens of other countries, and stateless persons (hereinafter - Patients) who applied to it independently or were referred from other health care facilities.
  3. If the consumer of services is a minor, or an incapacitated person, the rights and obligations provided by the Rules for the Patient are acquired by the legal representative of such person.
  4. When concluding an agreement with the Patient on the provision of medical services, these Rules become an integral part of such an agreement.
  5. All medical and other services in the Center are paid.
  6. Information about participants and management of the company, license for medical practice, medical staff, certificates for medical devices and equipment, price list, current discount programs are open to all visitors and placed in the "Consumer's Corner" and "Consumer Folder". Patients can get more information during consultations with doctors



2. The order of registration of patients for an appointment with a doctor


  1. Medical services are provided at the Center on an outpatient basis. Outpatient admission of patients is carried out during the work of the Center, according to the schedules of doctors.
  2. Patient reception is held at 8.00-21.00.
  3. Appointments to the Center are made in advance, a day or a few days before the desired visit.
  4. Appointments without prior registration on the day of the appointment is possible only if there are vacancies in the schedule of the doctor's profile.
  5. The Patient can get preliminary information about the list of services, their cost, payment procedure, etc. from the administrators of the Center directly or by phone. The patient can choose the day and time of the appointment from the available vacancies in the record, which will be notified to him by the administrator of the Center.
  6. The primary Patient is registered by the administrator of the Center, who determines the date and time of the appointment, as well as the attending doctor. When registering for an appointment, the Patient must indicate the service or services for which he is registered.
  7. If it is necessary to involve other specialists in the complex treatment, the attending physician applies to the administrator of the Center, who makes an appointment with the relevant specialist if they have vacancies.
  8. The secondary Patient is registered by the administrator of the Center in agreement with the attending physician in accordance with the agreed treatment plan.
  9. If the Patient is not able to come at the appointed time, if it is necessary to cancel the visit or change the appointed time of the visit, the Patient is recommended to notify the administrators of the Center in advance.
  10. If the Patient does not show up at the appointed time without warning or is more than 10 minutes late, the registration will be canceled.
  11. In case of unforeseen absence of a doctor and other emergencies, the administrator of the Center warns the Patient about it at the first opportunity by the contact phone number indicated by the Patient. In this case, at the request of the Patient, the appointment is moved to another time convenient for them.


3. Rules of stay in the Center


  1. The patient who came to the Center is obliged to take off his outerwear and leave it in the wardrobe (appropriate closet or on a hanger), leave large suitcases or rolls in the closet, put on boot covers, check their appointment with the administrator.
  2. The center is not responsible for the safety of money, valuables, and clothing of patients (visitors), except for those which have been given to safekeeping.
  3. The patient who is in the Center should treat the staff and other patients with respect, not to allow themselves to show rudeness and tactlessness. The patient's behavior should not violate a respectful and friendly environment.
  4. Coordination work when patients apply to the Center is provided by the administrator, who performs the functions of distribution of patients to doctors, provides additional information.
  5. When registering for all types of services, the Patient must come to the administrator, after which they can wait for the start of the appointment at the lounge zone in the lobby of the Center.
  6. The time of the beginning of appointment with the doctor can occur with a small delay. This is due to the fact that all patients have different problems and pathologies, the duration of the appointment may exceed the expected time period and the beginning of the next appointment may be delayed.
  7. The Center strictly forbids:
  8. Coming into the medical premises in outerwear or without wearing shoe covers;
  9. The above restrictions are applied to patients, patients’ accompanying, and other visitors.
  10. The administrator of the Center has the right not to allow to enter the Center patients who violate the requirements of the medical institution's internal regime, have signs of intoxication or narcotic or psychotropic substances effect. If it is necessary to stop such patients’ illegal actions, the administrator may call the police.
  11. In order not to disclose medical secrets in the premises of the Center, photo, audio, and video shooting are strictly prohibited.


4. Registration of documents for patients


  1. Medical records are kept for each Patient, the list of which is given below. When drawing up medical documentation, information is collected about the patient's general health (past and current diseases), contraindications, specific reactions, features of the patient's body and their personal information (passport details, place of residence, work, etc.), which are necessary to ensure prompt communication with each patient and their relatives and friends.
  2. When applying to the Center at the request of a doctor, the Patient fills in and signs: a questionnaire with the patient's personal details and medical history, which indicates information on the state of health, intolerance to certain drugs;
  3. Each Patient is obliged to provide the doctor with reliable details about the state of their health, otherwise, the Center is relieved of legal responsibility for the occurrence of adverse situations during treatment or reduction of its effectiveness.
  4. If the patient is not sure of their answer correctness when completing the questionnaires (other documentation) or answering the doctor's questions, they must inform the doctor.
  5. Each patient is provided with a medical card, which contains all the data records of the diagnostic examination, additional examination methods, as well as the diagnosis and recommendations of the doctor. The medical card is the property of the Center and is kept throughout the observation and treatment, and then for 5 years. Patients are provided with a medical card for on-demand review. Patients receive all examination details and advisory conclusions in the form of an extract from the medical card.
  6. At the request of the administrator, the patient must present a passport or other identity document, as well as an insurance policy and a discount card if available.
  7. The Patient's personal data accuracy, in the absence of identity documents, must be confirmed by the Patient's personal signature in a special questionnaire (Appendix 5). The refusal of a Patient who does not have a passport to confirm the authenticity of their personal data in the questionnaire with a personal signature is grounds for a refusal to continue providing medical services, except in cases where such refusal may endanger the life and health of the Patient.
  8. If it is necessary to conclude an Agreement with the Patient on the provision of paid medical services, the Patient’s passport and registration number of the taxpayer's account card are mandatory to present.
  9. The rules of acquaintance, issuance, and storage of medical documentation are regulated by a separate instruction.


5. Pecularities of providing medical services

  1. The patient's choice or attending doctor’s appointment for each Patient is made in accordance with the reason for treatment and the specialists’ schedule. The patient has the right to be observed by one doctor, with the appropriate prior appointment and informing the administrator of the Center.
  2. The attending doctor is obliged to guide the Patient until the end of the treatment agreed with the Patient.
  3. It is not allowed to transfer the Patient from the attending doctor to other doctors of the Center without the consent of the medical director and the attending doctor.
  4. The Patient has the right to request a change of attending doctor at any stage of treatment and has the right to refuse treatment at the Center at all.
  5. Medical interventions begin only after the appropriate informing and consent of the Patient or their legal representatives. In urgent cases (in order to save lives and health), in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, medical interventions may be performed without the consent of the Patient.
  6. In the case of a Patient under the age of 14 (a minor Patient), as well as a Patient declared incapable in accordance with the procedure established by law, medical intervention is carried out with the consent of their legal representatives.
  7. In case of doubt about the patient's ability to work, the doctor must notify the management of the Center.
  8. At the time agreed with the Patient, the Center's physician collects the patient's history and examination, establishes a preliminary diagnosis, determines methods and possible treatment options, treatment consequences and predicted results, the degree of treatment risk and possible complications, and informs the Patient in detail.
  9. Before starting treatment, the treatment plan is agreed with the Patient (their representative). In some cases, when it is not possible to immediately determine the full extent of medical interventions, a preliminary treatment plan is drawn up.
  10. Information about planned and conducted treatment activities is recorded in the medical card and agreed with the Patient under signature.
  11. Before the medical intervention, the purpose, essence, and terms of the proposed examinations, treatment measures are explained to each Patient, as well as possible complications and risks are reported. If the Patient does not agree to the use of the necessary additional methods of prevention of complications, this fact is recorded in writing in the medical card by the doctor with a note that the Patient is informed about the possibility of increasing the risk of complications in the future. By signing, the Patient (representative) confirms that they are aware of such consequences.
  12. If in the process of providing services there is a need to change the treatment plan and/or perform additional actions related to medical indications, such services are provided with the prior consent of the Patient.
  13. The Patient's refusal to perform additional actions related to the medical intervention is made in writing with an explanation to the Patient of the consequences of such refusal (see Appendices 2, 4).
  14. If, when agreeing on a treatment plan due to the specifics of the patient's body or general health, the treatment is ineffective, the doctor should try to anticipate possible conflict situations in the future by choosing the most appropriate and justified method of treatment.
  15. If the Patient still insists on medical interventions or work that go beyond a favorable prognosis for their effectiveness or the desired outcome, they must sign a waiver of the Center's warranty regarding their chosen treatment plan.
  16. If the Patient disagrees with the arguments and explanations of the attending physician, the last has the right to refuse further treatment, take a written receipt from the Patient to refuse treatment on the terms proposed by the doctor (Appendix 1), or draw up an act with 2 witnesses, if the Patient does not want to provide such receipt (Appendix 3). The decision to terminate the legal relationship with such a patient is made by the medical director.
  17. In case of a conflict situation with the Patient regarding the quality, procedure, duration of treatment, making important changes to the previously agreed treatment plan, suspension (termination) of treatment, as well as requirements for immediate replacement of the attending physician, medical staff must adhere to medical ethics and to prevent the development of the conflict, as well as to notify the medical director in writing (report note).
  18. In cases when the Patient does not follow the medical prescriptions (recommendations) of the doctor, violates the established treatment regimen, treatment procedures, and interventions, terminates the treatment early, the doctor notifies the Center's management in writing and makes an appropriate entry in the patient's medical card. In this case, the Center is not responsible for the patient's health or the effectiveness of his treatment.


6. The payment for services procedure


  1. The prices for the services provided by the Center are determined by the Price List, which the Patient is obliged to get acquainted with before the beginning of the services. Prices and the structure of the Price List are subject to change. Changes in the patient's prices are reported on the eve of the appointment with the doctor orally or in a written form.
  2. The cost of services is determined by the Treatment Plan, is preliminary, and may be changed unilaterally by the Center in case of changes in the Price List for services (unless otherwise agreed with the Patient) and/or changes with the consent of the Patient Treatment Plan. The treatment plan can be recorded, in particular, in the bill for services provided, the medical card, or the contract.
  3. All additional types of examinations, which are not included in the scope of specific medical services provided to the Patient, are calculated additionally after their implementation.
  4. Services are usually paid for by the Patient immediately after each appointment with the Center's doctor in the amount of the full cost of the service provided for a specific visit, at the prices in force at the time of services provided.
  5. In some cases, it is possible to prepay for services, the order of payment, and the amount of which is agreed with the Patient in addition to the preparation of the Treatment Plan and specified in the Treatment Plan.
  6. For certain types of services that involve the Center's preliminary costs (purchase of medical devices, materials, payment for the third party services, etc.), the patient must make a prepayment in the amount determined by the Treatment Plan.
  7. In case of a change in the Treatment Plan towards increase or performance of additional actions that increase the previous cost of services (with the prior consent of the Patient), the Patient is obliged to pay the difference in the cost of services before their provision, and in case of a change in the Treatment Plan and the service is provided during the same visit to the Center - no later than three days after the service is provided.
  8. Payment is made in UAH in cash at the Center's cash desk or by non-cash payment (by bank card through a payment terminal, by bank transfer to the Center's current account).
  9. The Payer for the services can be both the Patients themselves and their representatives (relatives, proxies), as well as enterprises, organizations, charitable foundations, etc.
  10. Patients who are citizens of other countries or have entered into a voluntary health insurance contract are advised to find out the possibility of paying for services with their insurance company before receiving medical and other services at the Center. Services under the insurance policy are provided subject to the prior conclusion by the Center of the relevant agreement with the insurance company of the insured person.
  11. After receiving and paying for the services, the administrator draws up an act of acceptance-transfer of services provided in two copies and provides the Patient with them for signature. By agreement between the Patient and the Center, the act can be signed both after each visit of the Patient to the doctor and after the provision of all services specified in the Treatment Plan.
  12. The patient is obliged to sign both copies of the act or provide a written reasoned refusal to sign it. If the Patient signs the act or refuses to sign the act without providing a written reasoned refusal, the services are considered to be provided properly, of proper quality, in full, in accordance with the Treatment Plan, and accepted by the Patient in full without claims to the Center. If there is a written motivated refusal of the Patient to sign the act and accept the services of the Center representatives and the Patient, an act is drawn up defining the necessary actions and specifying the terms of their implementation.
  13. Within the framework of special discount programs, patients can be provided with discounts, the amount and procedure of which are determined by the head of the enterprise. If the Patient has a discount card from the Center, they are obliged to provide it to the administrator or cashier before depositing money in the cash register, otherwise, the difference in value is non-refundable.
  14. If due to the fault of the Center the services are not provided to the Patient in full, the cost of unprovided and paid services is reimbursed to the Patient within three working days from the moment of the Patient's appealing to the Center with the relevant application.
  15. In case of impossibility to provide services due to non-appearance of the Patient at the doctor's appointment, refusal of the Patient from further receipt of Services, violation by the Patient of these Rules provisions, the Center returns to the Patient the amount of prepayment. The patient's medical devices, structures, etc. within three working days from the moment of the Patient's appealing to the Center with the relevant application.
  16. The Patient has no right to refuse to pay for the agreed and provided services.
  17. In all cases when the cost of services agreed and received by the Patient is not directly determined by the Treatment Plan, including when the services specified in the Treatment Plan are not provided in full, the cost of such services (parts of services) is determined according to the Center Price List.
  18. Debt collection from Patients for the provided services is carried out in accordance with the current law of Ukraine.


7. Rights and responsibilities of Patients

  1. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "Fundamentals of the legislation of Ukraine on health care" from 19.11.1992. № 2801-XII and the Civil Code of Ukraine each Patient has the right to:

    -    health care, respect for honor and dignity;

    The patient must:

    -    follow the recommendations and prescriptions of the attending doctor. It is mandatory to follow the doctor's instructions on medication, diet, exercise, abandonment of bad habits, etc .;
    -    Patients are not allowed to take medications that have not been prescribed by their doctor.
    -    Patients are not advised to leave valuables and money unattended.


8. Rights and responsibility of the Center

  1. Rights of the Center:

    -    To refer the Patient to another specialized medical institution for lack of technical capabilities in the Center to perform the necessary diagnostic or therapeutic measures;

    -    The Center has the right to refuse to provide medical services to Patients at any time (provided that such refusal does not endanger the life of the Patient) in the following cases:
    due to the number of licensing restrictions, the qualification of its medical staff or technical support does not allow to provide qualified and effective medical care. In this case, Patients are recommended with other health care facilities where they may be provided with the services needed;

    -    The Center has the right not to start (or suspend) the provision of services to the Patient  in case of:
    refusal of the Patient to sign information agreements, to fill in the health questionnaire;

    -    The center is obliged:
    To determine the examination and treatment with a competent doctor in agreement with the Patient;


9. Center Responsibility

  1. Center Responsibilities for the Patient are:

    -    quality and safety of provided services;

    The Center is not responsible for the patient's expectations and is released from liability if the adverse circumstances were caused by extraordinary or inappropriate within certain cases conditions, or if the Center proves that has taken all measures necessary for it to provide proper medical services.
    Non-appearance and not the timeous appearance of the Patent for the planned appointment for treatment prolongation or control examination;


10. Center Guarantees


  1. The center guarantees a high rate of transmission, a responsible attitude to each Patient, but every medical treatment is associated with a certain risk of adverse effects.
  2. The quality of medical services provided by the Center will be determined by a set of actions (activities) of the Center, which meet the requirements and properties of the mandatory requirements for such services. Requirements for the performance of some service (activity) elements are set by educational programs for the training of specialists and regulations in the field of health care.
  3. The center guarantees the application of the allowed on the territory of Ukraine equipment, consumables, and medicines that have the appropriate certificates only.
  4. The center guarantees the use of all consumables and medicines, the patient paid for.
  5. The center monitors its patients to the full recovery and does everything necessary for this within its competence.
  6. In cases where the Patient is referred to other medical institutions for further examination and treatment, the Center does not refund the cost of laboratory, diagnostic examination, or consultations provided by specialists of the Center.
  7. In some complex cases, with the written consent of the Patient, treatment or examination may be performed without a guaranteed positive result. In such cases, the payment for the service will not be returned and will not be taken into account in further treatment.


11. The procedure for Patients complaints and appeals consideration


  1. If the Patient is dissatisfied with the quality of medical services provided, the level of medical and administrative services, believes that their rights as a patient and consumer have been violated, they have the right to file a statement or complaint to the medical director of the Center.
  2. Written applications and complaints are considered in accordance with the deadlines set by the current legislation of Ukraine, and the applicant is sent a response by mail.
  3. Oral complaints are considered at a personal appointment with the medical director (by appointment, and in urgent cases - at a personal request).
  4. A Patients' Complaints Commission is established at the Center to review complaints and appeals.
  5. For the purpose of objectivity of consideration of complaints and in agreement with the Patient, the administration of the Center may invite specialists from other medical institutions.
  6. To verify the information and claims of the Patient, the accounting and legal documentation investigation, the doctor’s, administrator’s, etc. explanations are usually taken. The Center does not accept the Patient's claims, which are based on the private opinions of specialists from other medical institutions.
  7. Based on the results of the review of complaints and claims, a decision is made, which must be communicated to the applicant


12. Final provisions

  1. The Center has the right to change these Rules unilaterally by notifying the changes of Patients with whom contracts for the provision of medical services have been concluded. Any changes or additions to the Rules are made on the basis of the head of the enterprise order.
  2. For non-compliance or improper compliance with the provisions of these Rules, medical personnel shall bear disciplinary or material liability for damages (damage) caused to the enterprise or the Patient.
  3. The rules must be kept in a place accessible to the Patient - in the "Consumer's Corner" or "Consumer's Folder" and are provided by the administrator at the first request of the Patient. Each Patient is informed of the main provisions of these Rules regarding their rights and responsibilities.
  4. Cases that are not regulated by these Rules are regulated by the current legislation of Ukraine