Allergy treatment at any stage

Allergy is a typical immunopathological process, expressed by the hypersensitivity of the body's immune system with repeated exposure of the allergen to the body previously sensitized by this allergen.

Allergies and autoimmune conditions affect a large number of people. While both young children and mature people are susceptible to disease. Patients with an allergic reaction have to take antihistamines daily. When drugs stop working, you have to use "heavy artillery" in the form of immunosuppressants. In fact, such drugs bring temporary relief without eliminating the root of the problem - the very mechanism of the development of an allergic reaction, therefore they are outdated.

At "Medeus",
harmonizing immunity and increasing cell energy,
the causes of these diseases are eliminated 

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Allergy treatment methods at Medeus

Our leading clinic "Medeus" uses innovative methods of treating allergies. Depending on the complexity and neglect of the problem, it will take from 3 to 30 days to completely get rid of it. An individual approach and method are applied to each patient to help in a particular case.

Frequency-microcurrent therapy Time Waver Frequency


Treatment is based on the use of the latest advances in quantum diagnostics and medicine. This is the most innovative direction in physiotherapy apparatus.

Numerous clinical studies have shown that the volumetric superposition of microcurrents of different frequencies can provide the required volume to trigger the self-healing mechanism.
Frequency-microcurrent therapy gives results in the treatment of such diseases:

  • asthma;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • lupus;
  • scleroderma and other autoimmune diseases.

In addition, a generally positive effect was observed, expressed in a pain decrease, a decrease in inflammation, and an acceleration of tissue regeneration.

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Biodynamic Radiotherapy (BRH)

The technique is aimed at eliminating the causes of diseases, and not relieving the consequences of the disease. Impact on the body acts through an electromagnetic field, which produces interference and stationary waves. A combination of two or several waves of similar amplitude and frequencies is used, which enhances the therapeutic effect.

There are clinically proven trials that the technique is effective in reducing the causes of autoimmune conditions. In addition, biodynamic radiotherapy can kill any viruses in the human body.

The technique is based on the fact that direct exposure to waves of the required amplitude and frequency can destroy the mechanism of disease development and the state of the immune system to normal. As a result, the body itself starts the processes of renewal, restoration, and healing.


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Local therapy with the pulsed magnetic field, applicators, and PEMF

This is a non-invasive technique that has a complex effect on the body with a low-frequency magnetic field. The advantage of the method is the possibility of using it to treat patients of different ages. The therapy has practically no contraindications.


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It is the latest technology based on the use of medium wavelength light waves. This is a non-reactive method, the light radiation of the fixing length affects its increased energy by more than 500%.


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Vortex pulsating electric field allergy treatment

The pulsing effect of vortex therapy use has a positive effect on the patient's health. Vortex currents can separate the pathogen of microorganisms. They disrupt the triggering mechanisms for autoimmune conditions.

Our medical center team consists of specialists who have experience in applying innovative technologies and equipment. The medical services provided by us face the most modern requirements.

We use the latest medical technology for allergies not to bother you.

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Physiotherapy specialist
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Стандартный пакет терапии 7 дней

В пакет входит:

  • Вращающееся магнитное поле (RMF)
  • Частотно-специфическая микротоковая терапия (FSM)
  • Биодинамическая радиотерапия (BRH)
  • Импульсное магнитное поле (PEMF)
  • Лечение пульсирующим вихревым электрическим полем
Стандартный пакет терапии 1 день

В пакет входит:

  • Вращающееся магнитное поле (RMF)
  • Частотно-специфическая микротоковая терапия (FSM)
  • Биодинамическая радиотерапия (BRH)
  • Импульсное магнитное поле (PEMF)
  • Лечение пульсирующим вихревым электрическим полем
Вращающееся магнитное поле (RMF) 1 сеанс
Лечение ТМС iТВS 1 сеанс
Фотобиомодуляция Theralight 360 1 сеанс
Лечение ВТL cверхинтенсивный 1 сеанс
Частотно-специфическая микротоковая терапия (FSM) 1 сеанс
Импульсное магнитное поле (PEMF) 1 сеанс
Биодинамическая радиотерапия (BRH) 1 сеанс
Импульсное сверхинтенсивное магнитное поле (PEMF)
Терапия пептидами
Innovative technologies
Pulsating vortex electric field treatment
Superintense magnetic field treatment (PEMF)
Photobiomodulation Theralight 360
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
Rotating magnetic field (RMF)
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)
Biodynamic radiotherapy (BRH)
Frequency-specific microcurrent therapy (FSM)