The whole body diagnostics

The whole body diagnostic is performed using the TimeWaver Med system. We determine the problem before the clinical stage of the disease  manifestation.

Science and technology are in constant development and improvement. Innovative technologies cover the areas of human life, including healthcare. One of these innovations is quantum technology.

With the TimeWaver Med system, you can make a comprehensive analysis of your overall health.

Quantum examination of the organism is an analysis of more than 50 parameters.

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The use of a quantum analyzer is a breakthrough in diagnosing even the most complex diseases. Using TimeWaver Med allows us to identify deviations in the state of health at the initial level of the disease. Using quantum diagnostics can be determined:


  • The lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids;
  • The presence of heavy metals, other harmful substances;
  • The condition of the skin;
  • Deviations in the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Disruption of metabolic processes, the functioning of the endocrine system;
  • Deviation in cerebrovascular parameters;
  • Changes in liver function indicators;
  • Disruption of the digestive tract functioning;
  • Lungs, bronchi condition;
  • Monitoring of hormonal levels, analysis of other parameters.

To undergo such a comprehensive examination in a polyclinic or medical center, it would take more than one day and visits to narrow specialization doctors. With TimeWaver Med, the diagnostic time will take no more than 30 minutes.

Quantum Diagnostics Benefits

For Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries, the use of TimeWaver Med is innovative. In highly developed countries, such as Japan, Korea, China, or Singapore, such precautionary testing has been used for several years. Earlier diagnostic techniques are outdated.

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It is believed that quantum medical research is the future as in terms of information content, such a diagnosis is off to the races. In this case, the organism is considered as a single whole, since all organs and systems are subject to analysis. Moreover, the technique is absolutely harmless. In 30 minutes, a person receives thorough, detailed health information.

The examination results are accurate, therefore, they allow the prevention of the development of the disease, lead to effective treatment at the initial stage of the development of the disease. The value is not only of the information about the pathological condition but also the reasons for its appearance.

The uniqueness of quantum technology is that it identifies the problem even before the clinical manifestations of the disease.

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How TimeWaver Med works

Diagnostics is based on the analysis of the quantum laser effect and wave characteristics of ultrasensitive tunneling diodes in different frequency ranges. The technologies of this equipment carry a completely new concept and model of medicine of the future, which should take into account the interaction of the information and physiological levels of the human body, and is also based on subtle harmonic laws of the functioning of living things.

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The read data are used further by software algorithms to build diagnostic graphs with their subsequent correlation analysis. Quantum information level screening using extensive databases reveals the current manifested state of health, as well as the development of possible diseases.

The advantage of using TimeWaver Med is that the system makes it possible to identify not only existing health problems, but also diagnose suspected diseases with a high probability. It is impossible to reveal this by other methods.

Contact our Medeus Medical Center. Only we use innovative diagnostic equipment, the principle of which is based on the latest achievements of quantum technologies, which allows us to determine the cause of the disease at the level of quantum information and to promote the processes of self-regulation and self-healing of the body. The methodology is aimed at finding and restoring possible relationships and prerequisites for diseases by applying new balanced information templates.

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Just 30 minutes of free time, and you get a detailed health report written in clear language. The research carried out using the TimeWaver Med system is distinguished by its reliability, accuracy, and complexity of the approach.

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