Biodynamic radiotherapy (BRH)

Biodynamic radiotherapy (BRH) is used to effectively treat oncology, autoimmune diseases, and immunodeficiencies.

Biodynamic therapy devices are a real breakthrough in the field of ordering natural processes and energy metabolism of each cell, as well as individual molecular compounds of a living organism. The technology of biodynamic radiotherapy is based on the fact that the most important organic structures of living cells - membranes - are nothing like electromagnetic resonators capable of emitting and absorbing very high-frequency waves in the form of a specific set of nested harmonics. The method of biodynamic radiotherapy with 12 frequencies of quanta emission and their interference is used in the fight against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections in just 10 days. These results are confirmed by clinical studies. The technology is aimed at the destruction of pathological intermolecular chemical bonds within the body, which is aimed at improving the stabilization of immunity.

BRH mechanism of action

Biodynamic radiotherapy works at the molecular and cellular level. During the procedures, patients sit on a chair in the therapy area, which is surrounded by a powerful electromagnetic field. This is confirmed by a lit lamp. Every cell of the body interacts with the field. The electromagnetic field helps the ordering of all frequencies and the normalization of homeostasis.

As a rule, in 5 BRH procedures, all viruses, and bacteria that "inhabited" the body are killed.

During biodynamic radiotherapy, the immune system is activated, which leads to the launch of healing processes in the cells. As a result, they are regenerated.

BRH is a working technology that is used to boost immunity, regenerate the body, and treat pathologies:

  1. Ebola, Hepatitis, and other viral infections.
  2. Autoimmune diseases.
  3. Cancer and acquired immunodeficiency.

We are successfully performing biodynamic radiotherapy procedures. Our center Medeus holistically approaches health issues, uses the advanced medicine of future technologies. Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, we manage to treat patients without pain or injections.

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