Our ECG machine is a portable, almost weightless (only 24 grams) device with incredibly fast and accurately performing electrocardiogram of 6 different leads simultaneously in 1 calculation.

The device only needs a few seconds to record the ECG and the provide with the results, which, thanks to a special application, can be sent to you by e-mail. It makes it possible to disrupt any cardiac activity disruption in real time, as the results can be demonstrated on any available device!

The cardiograph of our center is a successful combination of functionality and portability. Deprived of wires and electrodes, despite its size, the device monitors the heart work, not only keeping up with the usual outdated cardiographs but also at times dominating at their work!

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Полная диагностика организма
Инновационная диагностика организма на современном оборудовании
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