Photobiomodulation Theralight 360

Photobiomodulation therapy is an innovative technology for rejuvenating and treating damaged and diseased body tissues. The method is based on the emission of light waves in the red and near-infrared range. The therapy uses the THERALIGHT 360 light capsule.

Light for a healthy life: how the THERALIGHT 360 works

The THERALIGHT 360 capsule is a multi-wavelength LED system that combines the optimal wavelengths of 1 red and 3 near infrared light. They increase They increase the production of ATP (which is the source of energy for most metabolic processes) by 500% more than the amount that is synthesized in the normal state cell. As a result, cells are filled with energy, the process of their division is improved, and metabolic energy processes are activated. As a result, the natural healing cycle of damaged tissues is accelerated.

During the photobiomodulation process, lymphatic drainage, detoxification of blood, and lymph occur. Waves have antidepressant and anti-nervous effects and enhance cognitive functions.

Photobiomodulation helps in reducing inflammation, edema, helps with chronic joint diseases, and achieves wound healing. Therapy is effective for neurological disorders and pain syndrome, strengthening the immune system. Conducted research shows that long wavelengths of red light stimulate DNA and RNA synthesis, form new small blood vessels, and improve collagen production, which is essential for skincare.

Our Medical Center Medeus offers to undergo photobiomodulation with the THERALIGHT 360 capsule if you have problems with excess weight, chronic inflammation, psoriasis, dermatitis and acne, pain. One session lasts no more than 20 minutes. In 5 procedures you can get rid of the painful pathology!

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