Pulsating vortex electric field treatment

The treatment is carried out using a vortex therapy machine: removal of pathogenic viruses and cancer cells.

Innovative technologies that have appeared in the field of healthcare are showing decent results in the treatment of chronic diseases and acute pain. In our Medeus Medical Center, patients with any kind of pain, exacerbations of chronic pathologies, and acute respiratory viral infections have the opportunity to improve their general condition in 1 session.

What is non-invasive high-frequency therapy based on?

Pulsed Electric Field Treatment involves interacting with the physical properties of cell membranes to restore a healthy electrical state and destructing molecular bonds between body cells and viruses, fungi, etc.
For this, we use a special machine for non-invasive vortex physiotherapy. Its principle of action is based on the effect of vortex energy on body tissues. The apparatus consists of:

  • Resonant circuit (flat and toroidal coils of different sizes). The toroidal coil acts on the affected lesion pointwise, thereby eliminating pain. Flat ones help to remove toxins and slags.
  • A sinusoidal oscillator (it is responsible for generating an electric voltage in the range of 200-400 kHz).

The generator creates a pulsating electric field in coils that restores healthy wave characteristics of cells

Thus, vortex therapy allows achieving a healing effect without the use of medications, and in a short time. As a result, energy and information processes in cells are restored.

The pulsating vortex field therapy at our Medeus Medical Center has already proven its effectiveness. We help patients get rid of the chronic pathologies manifestations in just one month, without using invasive and surgical methods. You also can experience the medicine of future benefits for yourself!

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