Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

Local therapy with a pulsed electromagnetic field with applicators and Pemf helps for non-healing fractures, depression, chronic diseases.

The possibility of using pulsed and traveling magnetic fields became a breakthrough in medicine of the future. They promote the regeneration of bones and tissues, reduce pain, and are effective in chronic disease treatment. The revolutionary technology significantly shortens the treatment period compared to traditional methods.

The purpose of using stimulation devices

Magnetic stimulation is directed to cell membranes. With the help of an electromagnetic field, it is possible to change the sodium-potassium gradient in cells, improve membrane permeability, and change the number and functions of its receptors. Thanks to this, the natural and biochemical functions of damaged cells and the metabolic process are restored.

The technique of using magnetic fields promotes the regeneration of the damaged tissues in a short time - 3 times faster than during the usual recovery process.

In addition, thanks to Pemph and the local impact of the applicators:

  • Mild pain disappears within 15-20 minutes.
  • During a 30-minute session, the pressure decreases or increases.
  • Cognitive functions are increased.
  • The opportunity to recover from chronic diseases (bronchitis, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, diabetes, etc.) appears.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy helps with migraines, arthritis, neuroses, depression. Our center has collected all the results of clinical studies in magnetic stimulation that have been conducted in advanced countries for an enhanced response. We will help you cope with diseases and restore health, without using a surgical approach and taking medications, which often cause a number of side effects.

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