Rotating magnetic field (RMF)

The latest developments in neuromedicine allow the creation of technologies that can eradicate diseases that conventional medicine cannot handle. New techniques of a rotating vortex magnetic field allow synchronization with a large number of body biorhythms from metabolism in cells to organs and systems activity. This was achieved due to the fact that the magnetic field covers the entire body of the patient.

Mechanism of RMF therapeutic effect

The rotating magnetic field forms the induced electrical currents within the tissues. The result is an increased level of metabolic processes, free radical oxidation (FRO), and redox effects. FRO is of particular importance in the metabolic process. Its violations lead to the development of various diseases.

RMF helps to increase enzymatic capabilities and permeability of membrane cells, limiting their external environment. As a result, blood microcirculation improves, and recovery processes are stimulated.

Clinical studies have shown that a rotating magnetic field helps in fighting tumors.

In addition, the technology is effective:

  • in the treatment of chronic bronchi, stomach, intestines, pancreas, kidneys inflammation;
  • in the process of recovering from chemotherapy, stroke;
  • in the normalization of hormonal levels and metabolism in tissues;
  • in the fight against diabetes and obesity.

You can restore your health with neuromedicine technologies at our Medeus Medical Center. We use proven equipment that allows you to achieve results in a short time and without any side effects.

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