Superintense magnetic field treatment (PEMF)

Magnetotherapy is an effective physiotherapeutic method of treatment, for a long time it was based on the use of low-frequency magnetic fields. As a result, the procedures lasted several hours daily and stretched over several months.
The latest achievements in healthcare have made it possible to apply the BTL superintense magnetotherapy technique.

Features and Benefits of High-Intensity Magnetic Field

BTL is an innovative therapy method based on the positive effect of a magnetic field with an intensity of up to 2.5 T and a frequency of up to 150 Hz on body tissues. The technology is proven by clinical studies. The result of superintense magnetic field exposure is based on the following:

  1. In 1 ten-minute session, it gets rid of the pain.
  2. The fracture healing period is accelerated 5 times.
  3. Muscle spasms are relieved and joint mobility is improved.

One high-intensity magnetic therapy session for 20 minutes replaces 5 massage sessions.

Magnetic therapy is effective in the treatment of many diseases: atherosclerosis, insomnia, coronary artery disease, psoriasis, neurosis, trauma, postoperative pain, and other pathologies. The wide frequency range allows the use of a super-intense magnetic field at any stage of the patient's painful condition. By controlling pain, the effect of pain relief is guaranteed - the procedure does not aggravate the painful syndrome.

Superintense magnetic field treatment is performed for chronic and acute pain. 87% of patients note that pain decreases after the first sessions. This allows you to return to your usual way of life and restore the psycho-emotional background.

In our medical center "Medeus" there are magnetotherapy sessions with a superintense magnetic field for various diseases using a modern apparatus. You can relieve pain and restore health without invasive methods.

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