TimeWaver Med diagnostic and therapeutic system

The unique TimeWaver Med diagnostic system is the latest development of the best doctors and physicists from around the world, which helps to get a complete "picture" of the patient's body condition. The research is harmless. Unlike standard methods, it allows you to get comprehensive information about the work of all organs and systems in 15 minutes.

Diagnosis of complex diseases using a quantum analyzer

Timewaver Med is a new generation device, the most accurate and extensive database that allows identifying problems before the symptoms appearing. Nanotechnology is a real revolution in traditional medicine and allows immediately investigating over 50 parameters.

The principle of quantum diagnostics is based on the study of deep connections between the organs. The base interacts with the electromagnetic field of each organ and reads its condition. The patient's diagnostic results are compared to a healthy electromagnetic field, which allows obtaining accurate information about a person's health.

Timewaver Med helps to assess the condition:

  • The gastrointestinal tract, bronchus, lungs, skin.
  • The endocrine system, liver.
  • Hormonal level status, brain.

During the diagnosis, the number of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, the presence of heavy metals, and other substances are indicated.

The diagnostic and therapeutic system provides a conclusion on the state of all organs, cells (including DNA), and their functioning. The method allows the detection of suspected diseases.

Our medical center Medeus offers to undergo a study based on the nanotechnological system of the future TimeWaver Med. Only 15 minutes and a document will appear in your hands, which contains accurate information about your health.

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