Ultrasound machine

Imagine that a bulky ultrasound machine was reduced to the size of an electric shaver and was taught to get connected with a smartphone!

In our medical center, a portable ultra-compact pocket ultrasound device that provides accurate and fast imaging of all organs and systems is to your services. With 20 programs and 4 diagnostic modes, real-time images are viewed on a smartphone or tablet via a wired connection.

This device is fundamentally different from the usual bulky and outdated ultrasound devices because all the components of the ultrasound system are combined in a single, tiny electronic chip. The capabilities of three types of ultrasound sensors are integrated into a single two-dimensional matrix array in this chip, consisting of thousands of microelectromechanical systems, i.e. one sensor is used to diagnose both the nearest human organs and the ones deep within the body.

The tight integration of all electronic elements in a single chip allows us to quickly and accurately acquire high-resolution images and perform all tasks like full-size ultrasound machines. What's more, all data can be saved or emailed in two minutes!

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